The first step in contributing to the code base is forking the repo of interest:

  • ConoSurf: For either ConoProbeConnector and/or SlicerPointSetProcessing
  • BiiGOptitrack: For BiiGOptitrack

If you already have an existing fork, make sure the repo is up-to-date. Always create the branch off the actively developed branch (typically develop or master)

For bug fixes:

  • Create a branch
  • Once the bug has been fixed with sufficient testing submit a pull request
  • If there is an existing open issue, reference the issue number in the pull request description.

For new features:

Open a ticket thoroughly describing the feature. The more detail you provide, the better. After at least one of core developers responds or triages the ticket and says it's a go, follow the steps:

  • Create a branch
  • Once implemented with tests and documentation, submit a pull request referencing the open ticket.

For documentation: